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Your privacy is just as important as ours. ‘Your Privacy’ serves to inform you, users, on how handles private data and information from users. Users are advised to read through ‘Your Privacy’ before continuing to use the site to ensure users understand where and how their data is recorded and managed.

Users who submit information like name and e-mail address, will be recorded and stored within the database of the site. These information will be reviewed by owner(s) of the site from time to time to manage the site.

The site also uses cookies. Cookies collect information users may or may not have submitted voluntarily to the site. These information include, but are not limited to, IP address, browsing history and preferences. This is to ensure the smooth running of the site and to cater the webpage to each individual users.

‘Your Privacy’ is subject to change anytime without any given notice. Check out the ‘Terms of Use’ as well before proceeding to browse the site.