Comprehensive Guide to Online Casino Games for Beginners

Types of online gambling games in online casinos

Going to an online casino and facing all the foreign terms like ‘free spins’ or ‘roulette’ for the very first time can be overwhelming. Often more than not, players would have to spend the first few months getting used to all the games offered in casinos. Some games are only offered in landed casinos and vice versa, so there’s definitely plenty for new players to learn.

In this article, we’ll break down some of the most-played games in online casinos and things all beginners should look out for.


If we’re going to talk about online casinos, we can’t not talk about online slots. While the types of online gambling games are undoubtedly diverse, most slots take up about 80-90%, if not more of all the games in online casinos.

This is due to the simplicity of slots itself, making it widely popular among players, both young and old. A single press of a button would have completed the wagering process. Some slots also have the ‘auto-spin’ button which allows players to set a certain bet amount, and the game will spin the reels for you automatically until you decide to stop. All players need to do is to wait for the winning combination to appear.

Unlike landed slot machines, online slots offer more diverse themes like underwater, ancient Egyptian, and mystery. All which are almost non-existent in landed slot machines. Due to the nature of online slots being offered online, slot designers are granted more freedom with the graphics and animations, making online slots more interesting and attractive to look at.

One example would be the addition of character backstory in some of the slots, and in this case, we’ll be using Who Spun It?online slots to explain further. Who Spun It? is a mystery themed slot with a detective storyline where players try to solvethe murder of Dr. Farmington.

Throughout the game, players will have to collect clue coins, which will eventually lead them into a second screen. This second screen requires players to match certain symbols to earn extra credits. These features belongs uniquely to online slots, and is one of the many reasons why players are attracted to online slots. Promotions are a big part of online casinos, so keep a lookout for free spins for slots.

Most online casinos offer free spins or some sort of bonuses as a welcome bonus for new players. If you happen to receive some, be sureto make full use of it. Who knows? You might even win a few dollars from it.


If you’re a complete beginner to casino, blackjack is a table game you should not miss out on. For one, it’s a great introduction to table games, and it’s also an easy game for anyone to master. Among the types ofonline gambling casino games, blackjack is the easiest game to play after slots.

Unlike slots, where you only rely entirely solely on the machine to announce your winnings, Blackjack requires proper skills and strategizing from its players. Players would first be given two cards to see how close they are from forming a total of 21, then deciding on whether to ‘hit’ or ‘stand’. The former meaning players would receive another card from the dealer, while the latter lets the dealer know that you’re happy with the hands you have currently.

Other than having players memorize the usual blackjack strategy chart, one of the more prominent strategies is card counting. Just as the name suggests, it involves memorizing the cards and predicting which card will appear next.

By the time you master this game of chance, you’ll be ready to enter the next stage in your journey with online casino games.


Poker is another table game popular across the globe. It’s a well-loved card game by people of all ages since ancient times. While its origin isdifficult to determine, experts believe that the game may have a history that goes way back to about 1,000 years ago.

Poker hasn’t changed much since then, and even has an annual tournament called WSOP (World Series of Poker) for serious or professional players now. If you’d like a sneak peak of this table game, you may find online poker useful.

Some online casinos offera free play option for you to try out before betting with actual money. It offers players a low risk environment to try out the game and some of the strategies before getting involved in the real thing.

You can choose to either play with the computer, oran actual player online. If you’re not confident with your knowledge with the game, you may opt for computer first, to get used to the rules before practising with an actual player. Once you’re ready, try playing with an actual player for a different kind of experience.

The ideal number of players in an online poker table would normally be about 6. With so many players present in a table, you’ll be ableto test out your strategies with the different typesof players. Unlike blackjack, it’s not as easy to master poker. Even an experienced player might make the most common mistakes, so don’t worry about making mistakes, as you’ll definitely learn a thing or two eachtime you play with this interesting table game.

While we’re on the topic of poker, you may have heard of Texas Hold’em, Omaha, or even 7 stud poker. These are all variants of poker, and its game play may, in some way, resemble poker. If you’re tired of the usual online poker, explore the rest of what poker has to offer by trying out some of the variants we’ve mentioned here.


Roulette is also another popular game found in most casinos, be it online or landed. It’s an interesting game where players would bet on where they think the ball is going to land on after the croupier spins the wheel.

There are a number of bets players can place withina roulette. Players can either bet on the colours (black or red), odd or even numbers, inside or outside bets, a specific number or even a range of numbers.

Depending on the roulette variants, the types of bet may changeever so slightly. The three variants have been made popular by its respective countries –European,American, and French roulette. The American roulette uses double zero, while European and French uses the single zero roulettes, so there won’t be much of a difference at the end of the day.

There are a number of strategies for roulette, including the famous Martingale strategy, Fibonacci, and the Labouchere. It’ll take some time for you to pick up these strategies, so don’t worry if you’re just starting out with online casino games.

Just like poker and the different types of online gambling games, you’ll be able to find a free play version before investing your own money in the game. It’s a definite way to find out if roulette is really the game for you.

Video Poker

Despite the name, video poker is different from normal poker. While video poker has its fair share of similarities with poker, it’s different enough that it can be put under a different category in online casinos.

Other than the similar hand rankings, video poker follows its own set of rules that dictates the flow of the game play. With poker, you’d often get several betting rounds, but with video poker, you make one decision per draw, and the game is over. If you’re short on time and just want to play a quick round of poker, video poker is your game.

Since you’re on your own with video poker, you won’t have to worry about learning the normal poker strategies like tells, bluffing, or raising. These are all common strategies with real-life poker, as you’d have to deal with actual players.

If you’re planning to delve deep into video poker, you may be thrilled to find out that there are several video poker variants as well. Playing with one of the more popular variant, jacks or better, may be a great way to start.


Just like the normal bingo game, online bingo uses the same concept. The only difference is that you get to play with real money. Compared to the rest of the online casino games, online bingo does not enjoy the same kind of popularity other games have, but that does not make it less fun for people who genuinely enjoy bingo.

Now, players can even enjoy this well-loved game on-the-go. Just buy severalbingo cardsor ticketsonline, and you’ll be able to join in the fun. Keep track of the numbers being announced, and see if you get a winning combination yourself!

Just like any other casino games, it’ll be wise to employ several strategies to increase your winning chances. One of the most important move is to keep an eye out on your bankroll. It’s easy to lose track of how much you’re spending while you’re having fun, but it’s what all responsible players should do. Besides, you’ll be able to minimize your losses by doing this, so what’s there to lose?

There are just so many games to choose from in online casinos, and we’ve only talked about a few here. Choosing the right online casino games can be difficult as a novice player, but we hope that whatever we’ve elaborated in this article will make it somewhat easier for you. Either that, or you could choose an online casino with free play options for all their games so you can try all of them out before investing anything.

If you’re just starting out, remember to play light-heartedly and don’t play to win. Playing to win is the fastest way to increase your losses. Treat online gamblingonlyas an entertainment and gamble responsibly.

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