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The name’s Jack Aaron, and I’m the lead writer for I was first exposed to poker when I was in university. I was at a friend’s birthday party, and one of them brought out a deck of cards to start playing. I remember how fascinated I was with the cards and tried learning the game within the night itself to start playing with the rest of them. 5 years later, I became an avid online gamer, and has since learned about practically all the games offered in most online casinos. Some of my friends also got into online gaming, and we all thought, why not set up a site so players, old or new, have access to all the information they need to play in online casinos? I’ve always had an interest in writing, while some of my friends were already writers themselves. We came together to form and this was how the blog came about. Since I started writing for the blog, I started experimenting with the games during my free time to look for and test out new strategies. On top of that, I’ve been busy developing another site focused on poker playing.